Catherine Janice de Belen or simply Janice to the blitzworld was born November 9, 1968, to proud parents Philip and Susan. At 9, she was a newcaster for the Newswatch Junior Edition of RPN 9. She got her major break again from the same channel when she got the lead role in the soap opera Flordeluna. Two years later, she entered the movies via her launch movie Mga Basang Sisiw and movie offers came one after the other. Then teenybopper roles came.

At 14, she fell in love with screen hearthrob Gabby Concepcion and then with the handsome young actor Aga Mulach. Her relationship with Aga, with whom she born a son, Luigi, led only to more heartaches for her. However, much, much later, Janice met and fell for another guy- John Estrada. She felt was the right guy for her and in 1992 they got married. Their union produced four beautiful offsprings: Inah, Moira, Kyla and Yuan

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